• Monday, September 24th, 2012

Dear Ladies,

Here is the list of books we shall be reading in The Book Club in the coming months:

January 2013
The Last Station by Jay Parini.
Une année dans la vie de Tolstoi (French version).
Tolstojs Letztes Jahr (German version).

February 2013
The Invisible City by Emili Rosales.
La ville invisible (French version).
Tiepolo und die Unsichtbare Stadt (German version).

March 2013
No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod.
La perte et le fracas (French version).
(No German version).

April 2013
Illuminations by Eva Hoffman (No French or German version).

May 2013
Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher.
Oasis du couchant (French version).
Sonnenuntergangs Oase (German version).

June 2013
Ignorance by Milan Kundera.
L’ignorance (French version).
Die Unwissenheit (German version).

Wishing you good reading,

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